Summer AI Program Webinar for Middle and High School students

Avant Academy Founded by Harvard Parents

Avant Academy believes in grooming elementary to high school students to be changemakers. Students can identify challenges in the society and build innovative solutions. We hope these students will be future problem solvers in the world. It takes a community to navigate the pathways to college. Our team of counseling experts will be your mentors, coaches, and top supporters. We match you to the best opportunities to explore your interests and passions.

Our team has a deep understanding of what Ivy League colleges look for in applicants and realize that numerical perfection in grades and testing is necessary but not sufficient to gain admission to an Ivy League university. We will work with you to maximize your intellectual vitality and extracurricular ratings to become a competitive Ivy League applicant.

Summer AI Program Webinar for Middle and High School students

June 20 at 8:30PM EST

Welcome to Avant Academy's "Summer AI Program Webinar" designed exclusively for middle and high school students. This engaging and informative webinar will introduce students to the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing a glimpse into its transformative potential across various industries. 

During the webinar, students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Understand how to leverage AI to build projects/products and start their innovation journey
  2. Participate in science fair, business pitches and innovation challenges
  3. Publish a paper
  4. Seek patents
  5. Groom their resume for internships
  6. College essays

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