Biology Olympiad (USABO) + Medical Biology + AP Biology

Biology Olympiad (USABO) + Medical Biology + AP Biology

Prepare for the most prestigious high school Bio Olympiad competition which is highly sought after by Ivy College admissions. You will also prepare for AP Biology and SAT Biology.

Students interested in medicine will have a great portfolio to showcase their accomplishments as USA Biolympiad Semifinalist or national finalist.

USA Bio OLympiad:

Competition schedule:

Students will also be prepared for deeper research in the field of medicine.

Please buy the text book:

Homework: Students will work about 100-200 Bio Olympiad questions each week. Bio Olympiad questions will be provided each week to the students.

  • $1200
  • Duration - 16 Weeks
  • Time zone: Eastern Time (US)
  • Grades: Grade 8+
  • Semester: Fall
  • Course code: SCI_USABO