2023 Summer Basic AI Classes High School


Class Fees: $1400


This class assumes that you have strong general programming strength (critical thinking, problem solving, etc.) but not super strong actual programming fundamentals (the fundamentals of programming that are necessary will be recapped in the first few weeks).


Class Description

Hopefully in this class we’ll be able to explore a few different ways to tackle data problems and learn machine learning and deep learning tools and concepts. We’ll hopefully go through a review of general python programming and bash scripting, then dive into simplistic machine learning models,more advanced ones, then deep learning models and frameworks. We will also look at data manipulation, some common strategies, and tells to determine what strategy is the most effective. We will look into results analysis as well as performance optimization after, looking at how we can marginally improve results. Finally, if time permits, we will look at very advanced and complicated deep learning strategies.


This class will be taught in Python. Before the first class I’ll send an email about setup (I like python to be setup in a specific way - it makes it easier to ensure that packages are in the right places, there isn’t ambiguity, etc.) I will assume that students will either have Windows (Windows 10) or a Mac. If you have Windows that isn’t Windows 10, I can talk to you seperately about how to setup properly.


Topics Covered

1 Introduction, Math Basics, and Python Basics 

2 Python Data Science Packages 

3 Linear Regression, Simple Machine Learning 

4 SVM, Random Forest, and Scikit-Learn

5 Simple Neural Networks and Keras

6 Other Neural Networks with Keras 

7 Image Classification

8 Tensorflow and other Deep Learning Frameworks

9 Results Analysis and Calculation

10 Unsupervised Learning, k-Nearest Neighbors 

11 Performance Optimization 

12 Transfer Learning, other Advanced Topics


What Others Say

"I attended AI Boot camp over the summer and am currently working on a science fair project" - Nipun | Summer 2020


"I always thought Artificial Intelligence is hard. I learnt AI fundamentals from Avant Academy and later pursued AI certification. I was able to secure internship as a sophomore in high school" - Nidhi | Summer 2020


"As a Freshman at UVA, I attended the AI Bootcamp in 2018 and was able to secure an internship for 2019 summer. I am currently majoring in AI. Thank you Avant Academy for giving me the confience that I can learn AI." - Sujay | 2018 Summer Bootcamp


"I qualified for International Science fair for my AI project. Thank you Avant Academy for teaching me basics of AI and inspiring me to pursue AI as a high schooler" - Srija | 2017 Summer Bootcamp

  • $1400.00
  • June 27 – Aug 30 , 40 hours Project Based learning
  • Time zone: Eastern Time (US)
  • Grades: Grade 7-12
  • Semester: Summer
  • Course code: