Counseling Strategy

What is Avant College Counseling?

All students have the potential to attend their dream college but not all of them know what steps to take towards success, especially with shifting trends in college admissions. In such situations, Avant College Counseling is here for you! Avant Academy offers an extensive College Counseling program that focuses on mentoring students and families as early as the 6th grade.

Avant College Counseling provides individualized guidance with the following comprehensive services:

  • Academic planning, course selections, and GPA management
  • Test prep recommendation
  • Achieving competitive edge in a variety of academic, innovation-oriented, and business competitions
  • Talent development and career exploration
  • Extracurricular pursuits
  • Leadership and community service
  • Summer programs and internships 
  • Competitions, research, and scholarships opportunities
  • Study skills and time management tips and strategies
  • Private and magnet high school or early entrance college applications
  • Direct guarenteed medical program application
  • College application and essays
  • Mock interviews
Why Join Avant College Counseling?
As Founders we have gone through the college application process for our two kids and they were admitted to Harvard through the early admission process. It is our pleasure to guide younger students and their families throughout the years during their pathway to college.
Any student, from 6th to 11th grade, can be helped by making sure their interests and academic pursuits have a focus. With counseling students will not stray away from what they are interested, but instead build a strong portfolio of academic accomplishments and extracurriculars that the student is interested in, and best present it to the college of their choice.
Avant College Counseling: Please complete the Counseling Interest form or call at 7034008066 to receive pricing rates for annual packages and details of services provided:
Initial Counseling consultation is $250 per hour.
Year long packages are available for elementary, middle and high school based on either weekly or monthly counseling services.
  • Elementary, Middle and High school counseling services by the hour as well as annual package rates are available upon request
  • College essay reviews