College Admissions


The Avant Academy College Admissions Applying program is our signature college counseling program for families of 11th or 12th graders, providing highly individualized support on all aspects of the college admissions process. Trusted by hundreds of past families, the program draws on data-driven tools and personalized counseling to consistently deliver results. The Avant Academy College Admissions Applying program is all-inclusive in online college admissions counseling, so you can rest assured that you will receive a consistent delivery results.



We are parents of 2 Harvard students who started the academy to help other children achieve their dream college and to help them follow their passion. We know that parents constantly worry about their children’s education and future so we guide the family to ensure they are better prepared throughout their high school years and are motivated and ready to win their top choice colleges.

Our goal is to take all the stress out of the dreaded college admissions process at Ivy League school admissions and help the family enjoy more time together and do the things that really matter to them.


Other than our 2 children, we have helped students gain admissions to most competitive schools in the United States including:

• Harvard University
• Stanford University
• Yale University
• University of Pennsylvania
• Dartmouth College
• Columbia University
• Brown University
• Cornell University
• University of Chicago
• Duke University
• UC Berkeley
• Carnegie Mellon University
And many more…


The Avant Academy College Admissions Applying program is all-inclusive, so you can rest assured that you will receive as much support as is needed to successfully navigate the process. During regular, frequent 1-on-1 meetings, your counselor will cover the following topics, ensuring students are well prepared and compelling applicants.

  • Strategic positioning to ensure differentiation in applications
  • Full application and essay support
  • Resume preparation
  • Development of balanced college list reflective of academic and personal goals
  • Letter of recommendation writer strategy and selection
  • Preparation for college admissions interviews


Avant Premier Counseling Services

Our most comprehensive program offers unlimited time to all of our students and the following distinct features.

  • The student has unlimited access to the entire Ivy Central Counseling team.
  • Comprehensive High School, College, and Career Guidance.
  • Comprehensive Differentiated Profile building to help you stand out when you apply to colleges.
  • One-on-One Essay Guidance. We work with our students to make remarkable transformations from rough drafts to final essays. Helping you with brainstorming, creating a compelling narrative, and guiding the students through the writing process.
  • One-on-One Interview Preparations. We work with our students to prepare them to handle any type of interview that they will come across in the future. Whether it’s for a competitive summer school program, an interview for a university, or for a future job.
  • University & College Matching. Finding the best fit is a critical part of our role. Helping you find the best university & colleges where the student will thrive academically and be happy socially.
  • University & College application Strategies. Our process helps students win the schools that would have normally been above their current threshold of achievement.
  • Unlimited Application Development. Whether you are applying to 10 or 20 schools. We will evaluate each essay, each line of your application to make sure you are going to stand out; giving you the best chance of winning.
  • Unlimited Scholarship application development. We will support the strategy behind successful scholarship application along with list of scholarships the student can apply.
  • Family harmony: Giving the entire family peace of mind so that they know what to expect and when. Simplifying the complexities of applying to college and answering the questions that often remain unanswered.
  • College Essay Packages

  • Avant offers tiered college essay counselors
  • 10 College Essays with Avant Top Tiered counselors fees is $24000
  • 10 College Essays with Avant 2nd Tiered counselors fees is $16000

A few testimonials from our students

I was so glad that I found Avant Academy. I had worked hard through my elementary to middle school years and I was aspiring for a dream school. Thank you Avant Academy for being available every day through my high school years and supporting my aspirations. I was accepted to Brown University Guaranteed Medical program.

Satvik, Brown 2020

Thank you Avant Academy for instilling the confidence in me and my parents that I can dream of a top school. Thank you for bringing the best out of me and transforming me at a personal level. I am now a Go Getter.

Vikram, CMU

I am ever indebted to you. You helped me carve my resume, find internships and scholarships which gave my resume/application a boost. This was a tedious process and I could not have navigated without your guidance. I connected with you very well and I enjoyed working with you during every meeting which took stress off me.

Rohan, Caltech 2021

I was accepted to my dream school “Harvard”. It’s a blessing I found Avant Academy and I worked with them for 3 years. The strategy counseling through the years and finally the essay counselor was very helpful. I can’t thank them enough.

Shreeja, Harvard 2021

During our first conversation, I had an instinct that Avant Academy was the right choice for college application process. My life has changed for ever. There are no words that will adequately express our gratitude. We had a wonderful experience and we will miss you!

Leslie, Cornell 2019

Your exceptional understanding of admission process really helped my daughter get accepted to UPenn/Wharton which is highly competitive Management and Technology program. It is not always one’s talent and ability but being able to communicate and paint the picture to the admission officer is critical. Thank you for being part of my daughter’s college application process journey.

Pranav, Wharton / University of Pennsylvania

Appreciate all the guidance and patience through the college application process. Could not have done it without you. You took care of him and I would just check with him once a week. I could focus on my executive job and travel. We will definitely refer to my friends.

Seetha, Stanford 2021

Your unbridled support and honesty through out the college application process was simply priceless. We could not have navigated without you. It was an enjoyable experience. Kent will be attending Dartmouth and we are excited and ever grateful.

Michael, Dartmouth 2019

Thank you Avant Academy for nurturing my interest in joining an Ivy League school. I came to you with almost nothing in my 9th grade and I am proud of everything I did over the high school years. You set me up for success not only to get to a good school but also beyond college. I will constantly think of being an innovator, problems solver and change maker.

Aditi, UPitt, Guaranteed Medical Program

Just thought we would write that Yale has been one of the best experiences in my life and just wanted to thank you for all your help. I appreciated all the patience as we submitted more than 10 college applications. I cannot thank you enough for the internship and scholarship opportunities.

Adi, Yale 2018

Thank you for bringing the best in me. Your brainstorming sessions helped me identify my early decision school. I am glad that I found you and I hope to help others during their college application process just like you did to me.

Sarah, Princeton 2019

Our Team

Avant Academy counselors are specialized in admission counseling for Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and other top schools.

Counseling Strategist

IT executive and parent of 2 Harvard children. She helps students to build a differentiated profile and helps with strategy counseling.

Graduate from Harvard and MIT, she has helped hundreds of students get admitted to top Ivies by helping with college essays. Specialized in admissions with Harvard and MIT.

Graduate from Harvard and MIT, she champions college admissions by working with students on their essays. She specializes in admissions with Ivies and many other universities.

Harvard student passionate writer helps high school students with college essays.

Duke University student experienced in College Admission essays. She was ranked #8 USA Debater in the world and won the Harvard / Yale Debate championship. She was the Youngest Ever Top 10 Finalist on America’s Got Talent at four years old.

Cambridge University Student majoring in Political Science and Law. He won 1st in the USA for Congressional and Competitor’s Choice Champion at Harvard/Yale debate championship. He is passionate about writing and has helped students with their college admission essays.