Annual Counseling

Avant Annual College Counseling


Avant Academy is grooming a MILLION LEADERS TO CHANGE BILLION PEOPLE. All students have the potential to attend their dream college but not all of them know what steps to take towards success, especially with shifting trends in college admissions. In such situations, Avant College Counseling is here for you! Avant Academy offers an extensive College Counseling program that focuses on mentoring students and families as early as the 6th grade with Counseling Programs for School Students.

Roadmap to Ivies

At Avant Academy, we BUILD LEADERS. Avant College Counseling provides individualized guidance with the following comprehensive services - Counseling Programs for School Students and Ivy League school counseling

  • Strategize Roadmap to Ivies with milestone for each quarter
  • Develop a differentiated portfolio
  • Build resume showcasing Change maker profile
  • Recommendation letters tactics
  • In The News
  • Carve Leadership profile


Avant Academy students are paired with mentors. Students can explore a particular field of interest, work in one of the world-class labs, get hands-on experience, and connect with mentors and peers.

Students have an opportunity to research, publish papers in their areas of interest. Students develop a strong relationship with mentors for life.


Students participate in numerous national and International competitions based on their field of interest. In the past, students build projects in Astronomy, Environmental Science, Medicine, Finance, Business, Law, Men health. We encourage students to identify challenges and build social good projects.


Avant Academy believes that summers should be spent working in an internship and solving real world problems instead of staying home. We guide students to apply to nationally renowned internships in various fields. We support the child every step in order to be accepted to internship in spite of strong competition.

Community Service

Avant Academy builds leaders who will help the community in driving changes and giving back to the world they live in. They will help provide education to under privileged, remove barriers to people facing tenacities, help students with mental health, build smart cities. Students work in teams on real world projects that create real on-ground impact; projects are identified by students based on their passion.


Avant Academy is Developing Human Centered Leaders Through Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Future Leaders is a program for finding and nurturing world’s most promising youth leaders. Through a tested and intense selection process, these Future Leaders are given access to high impact leadership development coaching and opportunities.


Avant Academy students are guided to apply to multiple scholarships through out the year. Students are accepted to study abroad programs or receive scholarship towards their dream college. Students are mentored in their application process through out their journey at Avant Academy.

Why Join Avant College Counseling?

As Founders we have gone through the college application process for our two kids and they were admitted to Harvard through the early admission process. It is our pleasure to guide younger students and their families throughout the years during their pathway to college with strong Online Learning Programs in USA.

Any student, from 6th to 11th grade, can be helped by making sure their interests and academic pursuits have a focus. With counseling students will not stray away from what they are interested, but instead build a strong portfolio of academic accomplishments and extracurriculars that the student is interested in, and best present it to the college of their choice.

  • Academic planning, course selections, and GPA management
  • National and International Competitions
  • Achieving competitive edge in a variety of academic, innovation-oriented, and business competitions
  • Talent development and career exploration
  • Extracurricular pursuits
  • Leadership and community service
  • Summer programs and internships
  • Ground breaking research and Publications
  • Renowned scholarships opportunities
  • Study skills and time management tips and strategies
  • Private and magnet high school or early entrance college applications
  • Direct guaranteed medical program application
  • College application and essays
  • Mock interviews
  • Standardized Test and AP exam navigation

A few testimonials from our students - Online Learning Programs in USA

I was so glad that I found Avant Academy. I had worked hard through my elementary to middle school years and I was aspiring for a dream school. Thank you Avant Academy for being available every day through my high school years and supporting my aspirations. I was accepted to Brown University Guaranteed Medical program.

Satvik, Brown 2020

Thank you Avant Academy for instilling the confidence in me and my parents that I can dream of a top school. Thank you for bringing the best out of me and transforming me at a personal level. I am now a Go Getter.

Vikram, CMU

I am ever indebted to you. You helped me carve my resume, find internships and scholarships which gave my resume/application a boost. This was a tedious process and I could not have navigated without your guidance. I connected with you very well and I enjoyed working with you during every meeting which took stress off me.

Rohan, Caltech 2021

I was accepted to my dream school “Harvard”. It’s a blessing I found Avant Academy and I worked with them for 3 years. The strategy counseling through the years and finally the essay counselor was very helpful. I can’t thank them enough for this innovative Online Learning Programs in USA.

Shreeja, Harvard 2021

During our first conversation, I had an instinct that Avant Academy was the right choice for college application process. My life has changed for ever. There are no words that will adequately express our gratitude. We had a wonderful experience and we will miss you!

Leslie, Cornell 2019

Your exceptional understanding of admission process really helped my daughter get accepted to UPenn/Wharton which is highly competitive Management and Technology program. It is not always one’s talent and ability but being able to communicate and paint the picture to the admission officer is critical. Thank you for being part of my daughter’s college application process journey.

Pranav, Wharton / University of Pennsylvania

Appreciate all the guidance and patience through the college application process. Could not have done it without you. You took care of him and I would just check with him once a week. I could focus on my executive job and travel. We will definitely refer to my friends.

Seetha, Stanford 2021

Your unbridled support and honesty through out the college application process was simply priceless. We could not have navigated without you. It was an enjoyable experience. Kent will be attending Dartmouth and we are excited and ever grateful.

Michael, Dartmouth 2019

Thank you Avant Academy for nurturing my interest in joining an Ivy League school. I came to you with almost nothing in my 9th grade and I am proud of everything I did over the high school years. You set me up for success not only to get to a good school but also beyond college. I will constantly think of being an innovator, problems solver and change maker.

Aditi, UPitt, Guaranteed Medical Program

Just thought we would write that Yale has been one of the best experiences in my life and just wanted to thank you for all your help. I appreciated all the patience as we submitted more than 10 college applications. I cannot thank you enough for the internship and scholarship opportunities.

Adi, Yale 2018

Thank you for bringing the best in me. Your brainstorming sessions helped me identify my early decision school. I am glad that I found you and I hope to help others during their college application process just like you did to me.

Sarah, Princeton 2019

Avant College Counseling: Please complete the Counseling Interest form or call at 7034008066 to receive details of annual packages provided(annual packages do not include classes: Initial Counseling consultation is $250 per hour.

The Annual counseling fees will not include class fees. Based on classes the student enrolls, the class fees are different. Class fees is listed on the website.

Annual Elementary School Counseling packages for 12 months: $8000 per year

Annual Middle School Counseling packages for 12 month: $10000 per year

Annual High School Counseling packages for 12 months: $15000 per year

Referral fees is $1000

Avant Academy Strategy Counseling for Med Scool: MCAT Prep& Applications to Med Schools for Undergrad students

All Inclusive Essay package for 10 schools: $15000 per year

10 hour strategy consultation: $7500

5 Hour strategy consultation: $4000

Avant Academy: MBA Strategy Counseling

All Inclusive package for 10 schools: $15000 per year